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Move Bookmarks in Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer

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You found a new web browser; works well than your existing one, thinking to migrate but can’t due to hundreds of website link you saved in your Browser’s Bookmark manager. We’ve some nice tricks to make this easy for you. We all used only one Internet Browser came preloaded with our computer, i.e., Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), later on Mozilla Foundation released their Firefox (FF) which was quite better than IE in many aspects. For last two years, Google’s Chrome doing job well & became the clear winner for speed lovers. Let’s set ourselves free & chose the perfect browser for us. Our old browser can’t stop us only because it has all our favorite site links.

Exporting Bookmarks from Internet Explorer:

We still have Microsoft’s Internet Explorer installed & most of us using this for their daily use & work requirements.  First, let’s export saved bookmarks from IE. (I’m still using IE 6.0, never bothered to update it)

First go to File > Import & Export… > ‘Click Next’ on the Import/Export Wizard > Select ‘Export Favorites’

Exporting Bookmarks from IE
Exporting Bookmarks from IE

Select ‘Favorites’ or any other child group if you want to export that child group only. Then click ‘Next’

Exporting Bookmarks from IE 03

Exporting Bookmarks from IE 04

Click ‘Browse…’, select your files destination folder. Within few seconds, a HTML/HTM file will be created. As file is a HTML/HTM any Internet browser can open it, all your bookmarks will be in un-ordered list.

Exporting Bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox:

A truly lightweight, fast, very stable browser & very much popular among  technical enthusiasts. Exporting bookmarks are quite easy because of well organized menu structure. I’m currently using 3.6.8, latest stable release.  Due to open source nature, keeping it updated is always advisable. But if you don’t like to update, automatic update can be turned off from Tools > Options > Advanced > Update.

To export your bookmarks, click ‘Bookmarks’ > ‘Organize Bookmarks…’ > ‘Import and Backup’ > ‘Export HTML…’ > select the destination directory & save the file.

Exporting Bookmarks from FireFox - pic 05
Exporting Bookmarks from FireFox - pic 06

If you’re switching your system, formatting etc., means in case you will use Firefox again ‘Backup…’ option can be used. A JSON file will be created but you can’t import it to another browser expect FireFox.

Exporting Bookmarks form Google Chrome:

Google started marketing it as the fastest browser. No doubt Chrome is the fastest browser you can have. Rendering pages with Java scripts within milliseconds.  Just completed 2 years and it is growing fast to take all the space. Few years’ work still required to reach the top. Even in two year, it became a must have browser for general use amongst the new & little advanced user.

Menu structure is completely different from any Internet browser. To export bookmarks click ‘wrench’ icon on the top right menu bar > ‘Bookmark manager’ > ‘Organize’ > ‘Export bookmarks…’

Exporting Bookmarks from Google Chrome - pic 07

Give the folder details when prompted, that’s it. You are done. All the above Internet Browsers exported the Bookmark file as HTML/HTM (in case of IE),  so we just concentrate on Importing function only as output file is same in all three.

Importing Bookmarks to another browser:

Almost same as we did in case of exporting, you will find import function above or below the export menu. This time, you just select your earlier exported HTML/HTM file & go, we’ll have all the previous website links on your new browser.

We’ll talk about how we can synchronize bookmarks between many systems automatically within few days.

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